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What's new?
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Thursday, 26 August 2010

On our way to Prague!


ATJ, Young Dredge and I, plus a couple of other beery types, are embarking on a visit to the Czech Republic, to take in the new attractions at the Pilsner Brewery visitors centre, the Pilsen Beer Fest and the famous Chodovar beer spa!  It's going to be messy.  It's going to be sticky.

What's exciting about this trip is that it's been put on by the Czech Tourism Board specifically to get British beer bloggers blogging about the Czech beer scene.  After several years where blogging was seen as somehow inferior to written journalism, the Czechs are the first people I know of to really engage with bloggers and go all out to court them.

I'm not going to let their hospitality lure me into writing adoring puff pieces, but I'm expecting the trip is going to be pretty damn enjoyable.  And because I've been invited in a blogging capacity, I'm going to cover it as fully as I can in blog form, in as close to real time as I can.  I'm going to aim to post at least once a day to report on our progress.

This is the first post - live from the new free Wi-Fi on the Heathrow Express.

First stop tonight - a tour of Prague pubs with Czech beer expert and author of CAMRA's Good Beer Guide to Prague, Evan Rail!

Na Zdravi!


Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

I’m on the bus.

Pete Brown said...

See? See? We're as live as it gets, folks! Adrian Tierney Jones is on! The! Bus! Right now!

Stay tuned for all the beer writer travel minutiae you need.

crownbrewerstu said...

So you give prize away to Dredgey and then your going anyway. NICE ONE!

Eddie86 said...

It doesn't get much more live than this!

Mark Hadfield said...


Pre-packed sandwich:

Moi? Jealous?

Velky Al said...

Please keep the criticism of the tour itineraries I sent Master Dredge to a minimum! Or at least slag me off by email!!

Jeff Pickthall said...

Who's the stag, and who's the best man?

Mark said...

How strange, I was at the brewery about half an hour ago, picking up a korbel. Didn't do the tour though. Don't miss out the krouzkovaný yeast beer at the Malý Pivovar.

There's also a Platan tank pub (U Cerneho konicka) at Zizkova 15, if you manage to slip the leash. They have Platan kvasnice on at 30Kc/0.5l.

Suggest you try to catch up with Max Bahnson while you are in Prague.

I'm sure you'll have great time.

Good luck getting a smile out of the lady bath attendant at Chodovar!

Na zdraví!

Mark and Sarah Terry

Mark said...

Whoops. What a div. Should learn to re-read the post. Of course, you're not in Ceske Budejovice. Try to get to Purkmistr if you can.
The bath attendant comment still stands,though.

Cheers, Mark

Paul Bailey said...

I'm envious, but then I did have a brilliant time in Prague last December!
(I did blog about it as well - Czech Tourism Board please take note!!!)

Joanna said...

How unfair. Beer book publisher gets left behind. Evan is the only author I've ever commissioned and never met. Guess I missed the bus.... Enjoy.

Mr Tinkles said...

So envious and a bit miffed- I was in Prague in first week of this month and could've done with a suggestions from the experts. I was only adventurous enough to go to the golden tiger and the pilsner urquell bar (name escapes me)

Look forward to reading about your adventures and planning a return trip to Prague :)

le voyageur said...

Lucky to be our with a beer expert!

I've heard good things abt prague's pubs, the world most dense pub population is in prague too, isn't it?
Hope you had a good one, will look up ur titles on amazon ;)

things to see in prague