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What's new?
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Friday, 18 December 2009

Reasons to buy newspapers - or at least link to them

Tomorrow The Guardian travel section is running a selection of perfect pubs to visit between Christmas and New Year, that slow, out-of-time, strange week when you have no idea what day it is and can just sit by a pub fire with a book and the dog all day if you want to. They asked me for my suggestion, and it's this pub below - check the newspaper tomorrow (Saturday) to find out where it is, and I'll see you there lunch time on Boxing Day.

Also, today the Daily Express has a round-up of best drinks books of the year, in which they refer to Hops & Glory as "one of the drink books of the year" funnily enough. The value of those remaining copies continues to rise...


Woolpack Dave said...

Bugger, I can't sell my copy of Hops and Glory. Somebody went and wrote "To Woolpack Dave" inside it. If only he had put just "To Dave" there are loads of Daves.......

Sid Boggle said...

It's a shame that Jonny B Goode (or whoever subbed his piece) felt the need to put (and beer) in brackets in the sub-head, as if it were some kind of afterthought. Then again...


Sid Boggle said...

I see The Grauniad ran true to form, and tidied up your piece with a blunt spoon in the online version.

I quite enjoyed the inclusion of the Hermit's Cave in Camberwell. I used to go in a lot - a decent enough pint, good plain food served generously...

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