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What's new?
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Friday, 29 May 2009

Hops and Glory: a week to go - or is it?

Very excited about the book coming out in just a week.  But I'm getting e-mails this morning from people who ordered their copies on Amazon that it's shipping already!  

Copies of the book are dropping (heavily) on to doormats as we speak.

So if you can't wait another seven days, order you copy on now!


Jonathan said...

Ordered mine!

Hope to come to the event at The Hob, very close to where I live, and wondered what was in store for that?

Semi Dweller said...

Marvellous small local independent bookshop in Beckenham got my copy in today - currently sitting on desk along with other candidates for this weekend's reading - and being quite seductive about it too.

Dave25 said...

Woo, my copy has just arrived from Amazon (09.30am, Monday 1st June).

Looks great, that's my reading sorted out for the next few days

janiejynx said...

Mine arrived and has been duly devoured. Thank you so much for the read. The historian in me came away fat and satisfied, I hurt laughing at some of it, and what I can only assume is my Frustrated Inner Mother had me muttering "Oh hang on, love, it'll be all right in the end," out loud more than once. Books that educate me shouldn't be allowed to be this much fun.



Semi Dweller said...

Having arrived on Saturday it's been duly finished today - brilliant inspirational read.

If it's not too arrogant I've blogged about it here. Hope I haven't done a dis-service.

I noticed your use of Robley Evans' autobiography in the bibliography. Presumably this is the same Robley Evans who commanded the Great White Fleet and luxuriated in the nickname "Fighting Bob"? As a matter of interest which bits did he bring to the table?

Congrats overall though on another fantastic read.

Pete said...

Wow, Semi-Dweller, that's a really good review. Thanks! The kind of thing I'd expect to see in a broadsheet newspaper, and very fair.


And thanks janiejynx too. I'm glad it appealed to you on different levels. This was a more ambitious book than my previous two. The material simply demanded I raise my game as a writer. I have no idea if I succeeded or not till review start com,ing in. Thanks both for reading and reviewing so quickly!

Pete said...

ps Robley Evans - not sure he made the final edit actually, but he gave a great description of arriving in cape Town after months at sea to find a perfectly served bottle of Bass!

Crown Brewer said...

Got my Hops in the post this morning. I'm 2 pages in fantastc reading already cheers pete.