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What's new?
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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Here comes the summer...

... and here comes Hops and Glory, just over four weeks away.

Back from Spain feeling chilled and rather too round after lots of the sort of beer that tastes great when you're there but you wouldn't want to bring back, and too much jamon.  

I just added a list of Hops... promotional events at the top of the right hand column.  It looks a bit small at the moment and a better man than I would have waited till there were a few more on there before adding it, but I'm too excited.  Lots more are in the pipeline and will be added the second they're confirmed.  

I'm tempting fate with the Latitude one because I'm not officially on the bill (so I might miss my lifetime's ambition to get my name on a festival line-up T-shirt) but I'm first reserve for when someone drops out - and people always drop out.  If no-one has done so by the start of Feb, the line-up in the link at least gives me a list of names who might just have a little accident before the festival opens... 


The Beer Nut said...

Not coming our way, Pete?

Chris said...

Any word on US when Hops and Glory will be in the US?

Otherwise, we have a layover at Heathrow in July on our way to Germany. Can you make sure the bookstores in Terminal 5 are stocked so I can pick up a copy

Crown Brewer said...

My copy is ordered and paid for and i've got a new 7% IPA for you to try if your in the area

Rational Realist said...

Could not find Hops and Glory on Amazon (USA version). Any plans for a US release? If so, you need to talk you publisher into a Southern California book tour. Stone Brewing has / or had a monthly book night, and its hoppy beers and your book on IPAs seem like a natural combination. Plus, Stone's brewery and gardens is a great place to drink a beer or two.

Pete said...

Beer Nut, I'd love to come over there but nothing is arranged yet. I had a great day out in Dublin when I was promoting Three Sheets and hope to do it again, and would love to extend my trip with a few more events.

Chris - still no news from US publishers unfortunately. And while you'd think that bookshops in airports would stock new travel books, in my case it rarely seems to happen. Borders are usually the best bet for my books and I think they have a branch in terminal 5 so fingers crossed.

Chris said...

It looks like there is only Hughes and Hughes in Terminal 5.

I guess I'll have to spend my £50 at the Wetherspoon's pub. Are they open at 7am?

Pete said...

You'll have a job spending £50 in the 'Spoons, though maybe they'll accommodate you by inflating your prices cos Terminal Five is supposed to be posh.

My sources in the elderly mad shouting irish bastard community tell me 'Spoons normally open at 9am, but I reckon you'll be in luck and they'll do earlier at the airport.